Sanctuary Beyond The Infinite (Remastered)

by Ancient Necropsy

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Sanctuary beyond the infinite: The original tracks were recorded in 2011.
But now, 6 years later, This album has been re edited and remastered.

Now you can download the new version here.
we hope you can enjoy the riffs so much better \m/


released January 1, 2017

recorded, mixed and remastered at iaj sound labs - i aj entertainment medellin colombia



all rights reserved


Ancient Necropsy Colombia

Ancient Necropsy was born in colombia in 1998.
2001- Demonstration of madness and hate.
2003: Ancient Necropsy S/T
2004: Deformed King's Mummification.
2007: Apocalyptic Empire
2011: Sanctuary Beyond The Infinite.
2015: Sepulchral Profanation
© Ancient Necropsy
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Track Name: The Limited Golden keys to the Paradise
hold on.. my irreligious child!
where are you going?

you can´t Enter to these paradise.
Here in my hands,
i have the limited golden keys to the paradise.
who were you? where is your money record saved to the church?
first this sinners, murders, rapist, thiefs, they must get one.
they kneel in front of the preachers. and toldme their sins.
they bought the key first than you..
i´m sorry my brother-. i´m the preacher, i despise you.
because you never respect the religious rules.
i know. you a re a good boy, respect the nature,
you don´t destroy the land, but you know. this is my business.
you know you are into a cruel land. Made for me.
Are you understanding?
i´m the real good. and you will rot in hell.
Track Name: Seeking the Unknown Dimmension
a blaze reborn at the fields,
the sunset crystallizing the last dimensions.
a furious tornado devastating the around.
the laws of the unknown,
manuscripts with the revealed truth.
but on this ways, ¿what’s the real path?
every time, i don’t know if that makes is well for my spirit.
seeing that the life’s chapters goes writing with every step that I walked.
painting the canvas’s background with spectral colors,
escaping of the un desired cruelty.
and trying to find all the things that I have ignored since I was born.
internal tornado strengthening the walls of my flesh.
The sadness have my inner space.
Hidden under my mask.
Hidden under my flesh.
Track Name: Journey Inside Of Me
Spiritual invasion inside my black heart,
orgy with witches, baptized with blood,
signal of Torment, impurity.
burn with stones of fire,
the mark of the horde, beneath the remains of the flesh,
inverse prayers in chorus, the voice of the fallen angels of the death,
mystery of the universe,
journey inside the black dimensions.
walking under the moonlight....
journey inside black dimensions..
Walking under the moonlight...
A journey outside of me...
Track Name: Lost At The Ethereal Space
There is the light, the painful way
trapped at the top of a tower

the hate inside the four cristal mirrors, and glasses of flesh,
look down. battlefields of destruction.

flying in the air, to fly beyond the time.

where is all the prayers? to the border line?

between my world and the ethereal space.

where is the real way to the light? who will judge me?
where is the real way to the light? who will judge you?

the way of the invisible sins x2
Track Name: The Gatekeeper Of the Universe
where is the happiness
doesn’t it exist for me?
if I would be a perfect human.
walk in front of the silver mountains fields
* until the heavens goal, to give the soul and blood
to the invisible saints of religion
this is my way, created by other ones blindest than me, blindest than you
his is my way created by other ones blindest than me, blindest than you
Masters of the universe, the gate keeper of the abyss,
under the wings of the constellations opening my eyes , opening my mind,

The truth, what’s the truth, what’s the lie!!
if I am sinner I couldn’t save my soul,
I couldn’t save my flesh., I couldn’t see my mind.
! Blasphemy !
the questions of the life.
who I’ll give my flesh and blood (x2)
until the heaven`s goal,
to give the soul and blood,
to the invisibles saints of the religion,

this is my way created by other ones blindest than me, blindest than you
his is my way created by other ones blindest than me, blindest than you
Track Name: Altar Of Fire
monuments created fo a deity,
spiritual request,
to give longevity,
in the deep inside,
of the human tears
i create an altar.,

seeds of the slave being top the immortality,
sulfure is emanated,
from the other site of the mirror,

a parallel universe is opened
far beyond the gates,
tears of gold reflected at the fire,
the seeds of the unknown
to give me powers,
i can feel it,
burning inside my black heart again..
i can feel it,
burning inside my black heart again..
Track Name: Revelations
nocturnal invocation, to kneel, in front of the altar,
mental communications beyond,
mind, traveling,
nto the unknown dimensions, open the gates,
and he is there, the master of knowledge,
displaying me,
prophetic dreams,
The beast destroying our mother earth..
he beasts is the ambitious human race,
and the science, playing to be god.
only experimental mistakes.
i learned it looking into the religious corruption,
the priest and preachers,
sinners, playing with the faith of the feeble minds,
covered by divine images,
rivers of fire,
destroying the temples of lies.
Track Name: Sanctuary Beyond The Infinite
inner sanctuary, mind building edifications,
idolatry, to the invisibles,
my grand father told to me about them,
but I can’t see it,
climbing to the highest hill,
sending prayers to the infinite,
for the well-being of the life,
running against the wind,
and the time, deceiving the distances,
confusing the lies with the truth,
depression of the soul,
crying without tears,
the sounds of my steps torturing me,
and the other ones, waiting the miracles upon the flesh
i should call it to find the language between the micro-organisms and my mind.
while the most people wait to die to be into the unknown freedom..